The illustration on the Dimensions page gives you the contruction of our Modern Scamozzi Capital as applied to a column, showing the wood shaft and core running though the capital, thereby supporting the weight above.

Our capitals are furnished as cut on the Dimensions page demonstrates, showing the neck mould turned on coulmns, (a wooden shaft is used).

The thickness of our stock is 1 inch up to a 10 inch diameter capital, making the core of a 10 inch capital 8 inches; of an 8 inch capital 6 inches; above 10 inche, allow 1/8 inch more for the thickness of material for every 2 inches of increased size, making core of a 16 inch diameter capital 13-1/4 inches. etc.

In sending us your order, always bear in mind to give name, number and size of diameter or width, also state whether interior or exterior.





Diagram showing odd shaped caps.

In ordering, make a sketch of shapes as per diagram below and fill in sizes as shown.

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