Our products are made from two types of plaster which are reinforced with fiberglass and hemp. Before installation, please paint with at least two (2) coats of oil base paint on all interior, exterior surfaces. All joints and screw heads should be sealed with a waterproof compound and the upper edges, gun caulked with an elastic silicon compound so there is no possibility of water seepage behind the ornament.

Installed the same as wood products. Liquid nail and rustproof countersunk screws.

Cornice, Frieze, Moulding, Centerpieces, etc.
1. Our products are installed like using a wood product.
2. Drill holes so they can be screwed into studs in wall, countersink screw (rustproofed). First apply some adhesive to back like liquid nail. Put in position and screw into wall, add some plaster or spackle to edge. Press next piece into it so some plaster is pushed out after it is installed. Tool the edges next day. Sand lightly so you cannot tell where a piece starts or stops. Corners are mitered with a miter box. Just saw with a regular saw.
3. Caulk top and bottom with an acrylic compound and smooth edges with a wet paintbrush.
4. Paint.
Centerpieces are installed basically the same way, try to find studs in ceiling.

1. Cut hole in wall to accommodate niche.
2. Wood supports need to exist either behind or around the niche. If they do not, install 2x4 supports in the hole.
3. Drill holes into the niche and countersink screws through the niche into the wood supports.
4. Parch with plaster over the screwheads and when the plaster is dry, lightly sand.
5. Caulk or plaster around outside edge of niche where it meets the hole opening.
6. Finish as desired.



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