Master Artisans

Plaster accents, both interiorand exterior, became and remain popular due to its lightweight and durability, exquisite detailing, finishing options and easy installation. Our Cleveland-based studio is dedicated to preserving Old World techniques and practices.

The Process

Each handcrafted work of art
involves 33 arduous steps.
Some molds require additional
steps such as adding steel rods
for reinforcement.

The basics are outlined below.

1. A casting is made from a glue
or polyurethane mold of the original
2. A release agent is brushed
on each mold for separation
3. A color additive is mixed with
the plaster for exterior application
(for painting purposes)
4. Plaster is hand mixed and
poured into each mold
5. Hemp and/or metal rods are
added for strength and stability
6. Open air cooling is preferred
prior to mold removal
7. An inspection is preformed
to check for any air bubbles
8. Each piece is oven cured
9. Hand-finished detailing
enhances the
ornamentation's luster.