About Our Company

The Fischer & Jirouch Co. is one of the largest manufacturers of architectural plaster ornaments in the U.S. We have been serving interior designers , architects and the building industry since 1902.

Nothing adds beauty and value to the architecture like ornaments from Fischer & Jirouch Co. Therefore, we present to the architects, decorators and home beautifiers our illustrated catalog.

On this website are over 1700 unique designs we produce at our factory. The designs we manufacture are the following materials:

  1. Fibrous Plaster with Fibrous Pieces
  2. Plaster Reinforced with Hemp Fiber and
    Steel Rods (where applicable)
  3. Many of our designs are also available in Polyester Resin
    call for more details

With these designs, all surfaces should be painted and each joint properly filled and puttied.

Our extensive collection of designs include Cornices, Mouldings, Brackets, Grilles, etc. Also, period styles include Gothic, Victorian, Renaissance, Colonial, English, Art Deco and Modern. In addition, any item from your model can be reproduced.

For further information, please contacts a representative at the Fischer & Jirouch Co. office. Our telephone number in (216) 361-3840.